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Delicious Gluten-Free Baking
with Buckwheat Flour

includes great recipes for:

including Blueberry muffins, Mango muffins,
Poppy seed mini-muffins,and more

including Banana bread, Pumpkin-cranberry bread,
Multi-seed Bread and Gingerbread (click for recipe here)

Waffles and Pancakes

Coffee Cakes
including Luscious lemon-blueberry coffee cake,
Rhubarb-strawberry coffee cake, Cranberry coffee cake
and more...

Cakes and Cupcakes
including Carrot cake, Spice cake, Peanut butter cupcakes,
Chocolate cupcakes and more...

Cookies and Bars
including Chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies,
Rocky road sandwich cookies, Almond butter-cranberry-
coconut cookies and more...

Desserts and Pie Crusts


gluten free mango muffins buckwheat flour
Mango muffins
gluten free multi seed bread buckwheat flour
Multi-seed bread
gluten free banana waffles buckwheat flour
Banana waffles
gluten free carrot cake buckwheat flour
Carrot cake


Buckwheat is actually not related to wheat at all. Buckwheat is a bush-like plant, which comes from the same family as rhubarb. Buckwheat flour is made from the triangle-shaped seed, or fruit, of the plant. The seed is similar to a sunflower seed, with a small seed inside a hard outer hull. This tiny seed is what the buckwheat flour is made from. This seed may be tiny, but it is mighty powerful when it comes to nutrition.

Buckwheat has a high concentration of all the essential amino acids, which even whole-grain wheat can’t claim. Buckwheat especially contains high levels of lysine, threonine, tryptophan and the sulpher-containing amino acids. Our bodies cannot make most of these amino acids, so we have to get them through our food sources.

All of these amino acids are very important to our bodies, but lysine is the most significant when we are comparing buckwheat to other flours. Corn, rice, and even wheat come up short in lysine, when compared to buckwheat flour.

Lysine helps build muscle protein, which is essential in recovering from sports injuries or surgery. Lysine is very important in the absorption of calcium and the production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Enzymes play a huge role in a person who is gluten intolerant, because they are essential to the breakdown of food in our digestion system. Most people that are gluten intolerant also struggle with allergies. Therefore, the production of antibodies to battle these allergies is extremely important.


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Delicious Gluten-Free Baking With Buckwheat Flour
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